Friday, May 15, 2009

3rd entry for May 1, 2009

These were all in the 15-minute range. This spring I have been teaching a class that encourages messing around and experimenting, and my own work is that little bit looser around the edges because of that. (not super-loose, but not as tight about contolling things as I sometimes get.)

I culled out a couple of hundred studies to consign to the recycle bin today. it's something I do each season. There are 2 or 3 culls: first are the works that are drawn & not worth recording. That's about half of each session, depending on the day. (some have gone quite well of late). Of the ones I post, I go back and clear away another 30 to 40% that are good enough to share, but not worth keeping. Later I go back & review those.

What you see here is probably the top 45% of what I do in studies. So much of life drawing is editing. If I only kept the top 5% of what was left, that would still be over a hundred studies a year, but each would be really strong. It's hard though, to make the cuts. I get sentimental about things I've drawn, and the time invested. But they are all on 24 x 36" sheets of paper, which take up room.

How do others of you go about cutting your work back?

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