Sunday, May 10, 2009

2nd entry for April 24, 2009

These were all in the 15-minute range. E- was trying out some props that night. The water bottle on the head was a hard one to reconcile. On one hand, it looked a mite silly. But E- is so good humoured that the sight of her being unafraid to be a little goofy was endearing, and I tried to document that aspect of it. There are few circumstances where holding a water bottle on one's head - dressed or undressed - is not incongruous. But who says that models - dressed or undreessed - have to be serious. Maybe it is the touchy position that nudity occupies in my mind that requires that it be contextualised seriously.
But that was a pose that throws a curveball at the artist - if I don't like a bottle on her head, than it is my choice to change that - into a crown or anything else I would like to see on her head. If I can't figure out something to do with this, then that is a failure of my imagination.

(* I was talking to E- a little later (on May 22nd), who explained that the bottle on the head was inspired by a folk dance with a wine glass held atop one's head, so there you go...)

The pose holding the leafy branch was a 20-minute one. the leaves cast some very nice shadows onto E- 's body.

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