Sunday, May 3, 2009

2nd entry for April 19, 2009

These were some of the 5-minute poses. One of the qualities that K- brings to her modelling is emotive facial expression. Most models let their face settle into a relaxed, `mask' state when they are sitting/standing. K- usually has some sort of expression manifesting. On some people that can look somewhat forced, but for her it seems to come naturally. Also, she will often have `in between' expressions - not a grin, but some part-smile that has ambiguity.
Which brings up some interesting questions around the whole idea of authenticity in modelling. While writing this, it sounds like I'm setting up a duality where a face with expression has more `reality' to it than a face at rest. But expressions are largely fleeting, so to try to hold one for an extended period is an artifice (but then holding one's body immobile for long periods is artificial as well.) A face in `neutral' is a true state of that person, but it is the cake without the icing of expression.
I lean towards the idea of drawing what is `true' about what I see, but that truth is existing in a very unnatural setting. The adage that art is `a lie which tells the truth' remains a resonant one.

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