Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2nd entry for Oct 18, 2015

These are, I believe, two 10-minute studies, a 15-minute one and a 20-minute at the bottom. The top two are Progresso woodless pencil on Canon Recycled Sketch paper. The lower two are oil-based pencil on Canson XL Watercolour paper.
Posting this session marks a personal benchmark. My math may not be dead-on, but I am confident that as of now I have 10,000 drawn studies of people posted on this blog. This blog began then as a replacement for an earlier Yahoo 360 blog I was keeping.
At first I was more picky in what I posted, but over time I decided it would be interesting to be able to see the context of the range of quality within which good drawings occur. So I have made this a sort of `process diary' and posted anywhere from 50% to 80% of most drawing sessions.
There has been a lot of material explorations up to now, and it's all here to see.
At this stage I'm not going to altogether quit posting here, as I like sharing work, but I am going to tail off how much goes up, and stick mostly to sharing strong process pieces, and unusual or out-of-the-ordinary sessions here.
A select number of the strongest studies will be up on the Tumblr as well.

Oh, and if you're feeling magnanimous, you can treat me to a coffee or help with some costs via the Donate button over on the side.

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Mo said...

Wow! 10,000 images on this blog. You are an inspiration, Thomas. Keep up the amazing work.