Friday, September 4, 2015

1st entry for Aug 28, 2015

Calibrating expectations:  On the Friday I went to ARC Studio, and Petra was working. These are 30-second studies.
I had only brought along what turned out to be a nearly dry calligraphy point marker, so it was not at all able to flow at the rate needed for rapid gestural scribbling. So I used a piece of 6B woodless graphite instead for these.
In thirty seconds there is really not the time to try for any specific details, and trying to set them down is an exercise in frustration. So the emphasis here is on being fast and responsive, and trying to get the `feel' of the poses, and a bit of a sense of the particular person's general shapes.
They are a really good workout.  these are all 18 x 24" sheets of some generic bond paper.

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