Friday, April 3, 2015

Entry for March 8, 2015

Sunday morning I got caught by the Spring `jump forward', and missed a hunk of drawing time at the monthly 519 Community Centre's Sunday drawing session.
Peter was working, and these are all in the 20 - 30-minute range, on 18 x 24" sheets of watercolour paper.
All are ink washes and a medium Pitt pen.
The 3rd-last one was an experiment in recycling a 200 lb. sheet of rag paper that had a drawing I was unhappy with. I coated it with gesso and some Golden acrylic absorbent ground. All of which added to the weight of the paper, but the specially-formulated ground does take ink washes. A gesso is needed for opacity, but there are probably quite interesting possibilities with exploring the semi-opaqueness of the ground with an underlayer...

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