Saturday, October 11, 2014

1st entry for Oct 3, 2014

There was a vampire theme for the October Dr. Sketchy's session at the Round Venue. Severin Stargher and Erica Furness were the models for the evening, with a mix of punky and more classic Hammer-style clothes. Erica Furness did the first short poses. These are a 15-minute study (from later in the evening) of the two of them, water-soluble graphite pencil and Artgraf washes on 18 x 24" Somerset paper, a 10-minute study of Erica alone and three one-minute plus two three-minute gesture sketches below that. Everything other than the tw0-person study is Pitt pen on 18 x 24" sheets of Canson Recycled Sketch paper.
Before the session started, there was an endearingly macabre collection of props out, to set the tone.

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