Thursday, May 8, 2014

2nd entry for April 19, 2014

These are, from the top, a 10-minute study, two 15-minute ones, a 20-minute and another roughly 15 minutes at the end.
The top one is Pitt pen on an 18 x 24" sheet of Canson XL Drawing paper. The next two and the bottom one are Pitt pen and water-soluble graphite on 18 x 24" Canson 1557 paper. The second-last study is on 18 x 24" Canson Montval watercolour paper. I'm happiest with it. The 1557 didn't play as nicely with the wet media. Nevertheless I'm happy about recently beginning to crack the 15-minute wall of using the water-soluble graphite. The results approach those of a 5-minute Copic pen study, but they are getting more subtlety as time goes on.
Most of the images on this blog are of undressed people. Starting May 22 at the TSA I'm teaching a 6-week life-drawing course with the focus on clothing and costume. It runs Thursday nights, 6 - 9 p.m. and you can sign up for it here.

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