Saturday, May 17, 2014

2nd entry for Apr 21, 2014

These are a pair of 10-minute studies at top, two 15-minute ones below that and a 40-minute one at bottom.
The top two are the Pitt pen on 18 x 24" Canson 1557 paper. The next one is water-soluble graphite on the same 1557 paper. The bottom two are on 18 x 24" sheets of Canon Montval watercolour paper. I was trying a couple of types of water-soluble pencil for preliminary drawing. The last two were using a very soft Kimberly (I think ) "Sketch & Go" water-soluble pencil. Unlike some of the other types I tried, this releases pigment very readily. So readily that parts of the last image, like Denis' face, got away from me big-time. I liked the way the reclining pose worked out; it is a better line/tone balance for  my tastes, using a Koh-I-Noor w/c pencil.
 The upside of the Kimberly is its softness, but it blunts really fast, and the lead snaps very easily o boot, and is tetchy to sharpen on account of that as well.

Also, a quick reminder that it is still possible to sign up for the 6-week Life Drawing Essentials course that I am  teaching (along with a special guest instructor for one class). It runs Saturday mornings 9:15 - 12:15, starting May 24, and you can sign up here.

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