Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3rd entry for Feb 6, 2014

These are some 15-minute studies and a 25-minute one at the bottom. The top three are Pitt pen on 12" x 18" Canson XL drawing paper, and the lower one is water-soluble graphite on 12 X 18" Canson 140 lb Watercolour paper.

In mid-May I'm teaching a 3-day workshop on using ink as a drawing media. India ink is the classic medium for crisp linear drawing, tonal wash drawings and other approaches. Six 3-hour units, one working with a model at the TSA's new Dufferin St location, just south of Dufferin Station. You can get more detail and enroll here (psst - type promo code  SPRING30 and get a $3 discount, too).

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