Friday, January 3, 2014

3rd entry for Dec 17, 2013

These are three 5-minute studies above, two 10-minute ones below and a 15-minute ones at the bottom.  The top two are Pitt calligraphy point pen on Canson XL Drawing paper. The 1-minute ones are a gray and a black Pentel brushpen on other Canson papers with pan pastel worked in post-session. The lower one is water-soluble graphite on 150 lb Maidstone paper with some additional graphite pencil added later. All are 18 x 24"
The Collective space acquired some big soft crash pads, and piled up in the corner they made a kind of landscape element. It is quite a big space with silks and other things ranged around. Michelle was moving around a lot within it, which was a good exercise too, having her sometimes in extreme close-up, others quite far away. For me it tends to be the closer the person, the bigger they are in my drawing.

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