Sunday, January 5, 2014

2nd entry for Dec 19, 2013

These are three 10-minute studies at top, three 15-minute ones below that and a 35-minute one at the bottom.
The 10's and 15's are done with the same Pitt calligraphy point felt pens, on Canson Recycled ketch paper for the shorter ones and Canson XL Drawing paper for the longer ones.
The bottom most one is water-soluble graphite on 150 lb Maidstone rag paper with graphite pencil added later.
The tonal range is good, and the likeness worked well, and at first glance I was happy with it. But the proportions are just off enough that on further inspection, Zia's head is troublingly big on her body, as is her foreground leg.
The image above is the drawing itself,  and below that is a roughly photoshopped version with adjusted proportions. Just a few millimeters here and there, but they make a difference. Proportion and alignment for me remain the final frontier. It seems the more traditionally rendered the image, the more troubling proportion and alignment errors look.

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