Monday, September 16, 2013

2nd entry for Sept 4, 2013

(as well as my own classes in Intro Life Drawing and Portaiture starting next week at the TSA, I will be  showing work - including some of these figure studies - this weekend at the Queen West Art Crawl in Trinity-Bellwoods Park. I'll be in booth J31, facing south-west towards the Community Centre building.
And, in more park-themed news, come do some outside figure drawing this Wednesday afternoon from 2:30 - 5:30 at Dufferin Grove Park. It's a PWYC session - just bring paper, something to sit on, and warm layers, just in case. The session will happen at the TSA if it's raining.)

... as for the studies here,
These are two 7-minute studies up top, three 10-minute ones in the middle and a 15-minute one below. All are on 18 x 24" sheets, the top 3 on cartridge paper, the next two on Canson Recycled sketch paper, and the last on Canson XL Drawing paper.  The bottom three had areas misted with india ink beforehand.
The Gladstone sessions music continued to throw me at times. I can draw to almost anything with a steady beat, but fast-paced and staccato music is for me inimical to focused contour drawing, especially when it is unfamiliar.  This time it was also old cassettes with stretch problems, so tempo was wavering. A cassette of organ music which, with speed issues that sounded like skating music from a David Lynch acid trip was a source of overall mirth before it was mercifully ejected. After that, a pianist I don't know was playing a very lively version of a Miles Davis piece off Kind of Blue. The driving boogie-woogie piano playing in it had just too strong a rhythm, and for a while I abandoned trying to draw Paris and just made marks in time to the music.
I wasn't coming to have a breakthrough/breakdown into non-objective drawing. It's not an entirely bad thing doing that, as that can be freeing. By the end I had settled back, and maybe, despite a smallish head, the last study is better for having been shaken out of my usual groove.

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