Thursday, March 21, 2013

Entry for Feb 22, 2013

On that Friday night, Shel was working.  She had her hair down, and sat with a calm smile for the duration of the evening (with rests, of course). She had a calm presence that was enjoyable to be around. This is a  2-hour+ study done with hard Nobel compressed charcoal on a 22 x 30" sheet of Maidstone 90 lb rag paper.
In my experience, long poses aren't the best way to begin to learn to draw people. If beginning to draw people is something you want to learn about, I'll be teaching an 11-week class in life Drawing Basics at the Avenue Road Art School beginning early April on Wednesday nights. You can get details here on that.
If you already have experience in drawing or painting people and you want to learn more about body structure, I'm also offering an 11-week Anatomy basics course at Avenue Road on Friday afternoons, and the details on that are here.
How bodies are put together fascinates me, and I really like to share that information.

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