Sunday, March 10, 2013

Entry for Feb 15, 2013

(Learning opportunities alert: The Avenue Road Art School's 11-week spring session is starting April 8, and there are two classes on offer there that I will be teaching:  Life Drawing Basics on Wednesday nights, and Art Anatomy on Friday afternoons. You can get more information on the courses and ARAS contact info through their website here)

On the Friday night I got out for a little over 2 hours of the Project:Art long pose session. Simla was working.
Part of the challenge is what to do with all the negative space. What was striking for me was a narrow strip of her head and vertical torso, but that doesn't cover much of a rectangular sheet. The surrounding shadows on the white wall were interesting, but including all of her body would have looked really conventional.
So I tried this, using a square area of the page instead of the rectangle, and dropping out most of the values at the sides to make a tall rectangle within.

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