Saturday, December 1, 2012

Entry for Dec 1, 2012

To all of you who are visiting this blog - some personal matters are requiring my time and attention right now, but in time there will be more drawings to share.

Also, some of you may already have heard the sorry news that the Toronto School of Art has declared bankruptcy and closed their doors as of yesterday, done with no warning or discussion with the teachers, staff or students. For now, the institution of the TSA is gone, but there is much will to see the parts regroup in some way. Hopefully, the TSA body is like those sea sponges, that can be chopped up and reassemble.
I'll post if and when news arises on that. Meantime, here's the rundown on the events from the Star website:

and the Globe:

Ironic - getting some press about the school while it was running seemed near-impossible, but would no doubt have been a real help. Now when it's not needed, out come the media..

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