Saturday, December 8, 2012

1st entry for Nov 11, 2012

Those of you who visit here semi-regularly have no doubt noticed the sudden lack of my incessant postings. A couple of game-changing, life-changing events took place in the last two weeks, which make the time before it feel like some distant happy bubble.  The pace of life is now settling again, and there are leftover images I've yet to share.
On that Sunday night, Angela was back at the TSA. I had just finished a day and a half of delightfully challenging and inspiring time drawing a super talent pool in a Series 808 dance workshop.  During the day I was using a pigment pen for its speed and directness, so I carried that on to to working with Angela's gesture poses. These are 1-minute studies, done with a Sakura Graphic 3 pen on 18 x 24" bond paper sheets.

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