Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Entry for Mar 21, 2012

This entry is out of sequence, as the images were in a drawer at the TSA for quite a while.

On that Wed. night's drawing class,  I had invited Alexy and Mo,  a couple of students from the school's Sculpture/Installation class to set up an `environment' in the studio. It was based on an earlier installation they had done using natural elements of wood, hay, and other stuff.

They hung frayed rope and branches, spread hay on the floor, and suspended small sculptures in mid-air. J-  was modelling, and was very good at finding poses that interacted with the space.

Usually, when I'm teaching I am reluctant to take time to draw. My focus is more on what the students are doing, and I find it hard to get lost into my drawing in that setting. But at the end of that night people were working fine without me, so I took time out for two 15-minute studies of my own, as the setting was too interesting to leave undrawn.

Both of these are 24 x 36" sheets of Durotone paper. The top one is drawn with 4B Generl's charcoal, while the lower one has willow charcoal for J's figure, and the General's charcoal for the hanging pieces.

The convergence of setting, props and good models can be especially compelling to work from. During the week of May 14 - 18, I am teaching a special workshop called "Bodies in Context". Each day will have a different model set into a tableau that situates them into a symbolic, social or other context, as fodder for your creative exploration. There's still some room left. The poses will be long enough to allow for an extended drawing, a series of shorter studies - or a fast painting.

You can reach the TSA here.

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