Friday, May 11, 2012

5th entry for Apr. 24, 2012

After a break, the apparatus was switched up for silks, and S-  kept going with 5-minute poses. These studies are all done with hard compressed Nobel charcoal on 24 x 36" sheets of Durotone Extra-white paper.

Short poses like these are an excellent challenge, and in some ways an ultimate test of figure drawing capability. They don't allow for any revisitation of the pose with the person modelling, or time to revise proportions or such. There is not much time to investigate the relationship between figure and its environment, either.
The extended poses of next week's "Body in Context" intensive are set up especially to investigate that side of figure drawing (or painting, for that matter). It runs Monday - Friday May 14-18 at the Toronto School of Art, and there is still room for a couple of people, with lots of room to spread out or try working from a couple of angles.
The TSA's website for further info is here.

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