Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2nd Entry for Apr 8, 2011

The topmost study is 15 minutes, and below it are two 20-minute ones that ended the evening. All of these are using charcoal on 18 x 24" sheets of Japanese paper. The handling is a little rough in places, but there was an `airiness' of shading that I clicked into that night, and a directness, that I liked. Now, if I could only do that a little faster...


ruthdraws said...

Why would you want to do it fast, when you can do it this good?
I thought the third drawing had a sense of repose and tranquility that was quite moving.
Hope this comment gets to you! Ruth

Thomas Hendry said...

Thanks, Ruth-

My desire for speed comes from the sense that many of the most natural and striking things people can do can only be sustained for brief spans. Moreover, many people cannot sustain a single position fpr very long, compared to experienced models.

So the more I can draw in a short time span, the broader a spectrum of possibilities opens up as to who I draw and what they can do.

And there is a spontaneity to faster drawings when they are done confidently, that appeals to me.