Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Coming Soon....

Three years ago, I migrated my blog activity to Tumblr, and I liked a few things about it.
The layout looked swanky, and it seemed to garner good response. Lately though, activity has dropped off, and I found out why.
I make drawings of human bodies, They are not explicitly sexual, nor are they contextualized that way. Nevertheless, Tumblr started tagging my drawings as `sensitive' NSFW material. With their setup, when that is the case, the only way for a viewer to access my work is by setting up a Tumblr account and toggling off Tumblr's 'safe search' mode to allow for viewing `adult' content. Needless to say, that has not encouraged much casual viewership.
I get that there is a lot of explicit porn, and erotic imagery on a platform like Tumblr. But I do not believe that figurative imagery along the lines that I do - like work by Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville, Alice Neel or even Rembrandt - crosses the NSFW line. their detection algorithms seem too blunt an instrument, and appeal process too limited.

So, for ease of access, I'm moving back to Blogspot.

Three years ago, I decided that 10,000 images was a good `tombstone' mass of work to explore in here. Now, time to add some fresh stuff.

Thanks as always for coming in to visit.

.. and if you want to see what Tumblr is protecting you from, visit

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