Saturday, December 26, 2015

Towards a broader spectrum

tl:dr - Help me out in making images of a broader spectrum of body types - `Donate' button's down the lower right side of the page.

I really enjoy making images of people and people's bodies. Here on the blog, there are several thousand to be seen. Most of these have come out of open drawing sessions, where I don't have control over choice of who is working as a model.
I respect and appreciate all the people who I have had the opportunity to draw so far. I haven't come across a body that isn't impressive in some way.
But one thing I continue to notice is that the overwhelming majority of people I have had the opportunity to draw are women, mostly under 30, and mostly conforming to societal conventions of bodily beauty. That and fairly muscular or defined men.
Not a lot of age, fuller figures or darker skin hues. There's a raft of reasons - the biases of whoever is hiring models; the tendency of many people who aren't younger and `fitter'  to deselect themselves; and the economic need of people hosting drawing sessions to attract enough punters to pay the model and/or rent.
So if I want to make images of less commonly presented bodies, I'm going to have to bring in some people for myself.  If you can help me with that project, there's the `donation' button lower-right; any monies received will go towards making some images that we don't see as commonly.


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