Thursday, October 22, 2015

2nd entry for October 2, 2015

These are four 5-minute studies at top,  three 10-minute ones and a 15-minute one below. with some additional working on sequins and foot necrotizing of the last one during a break.
As is usually the case with the Dr. Sketchy's sessions, the costumes had a lot of textures and surfaces to work with, especially with veiling and lace. It's a very good drawing challenge.
The second-last one has a wee bit of Goya-ish ness that I'm liking more as time goes by.
The soundtrack for the night included a bunch of wedding-themed music, and will likely be one of the only times I'll draw accompanied by His Name Is Alive's "Are We Not Married".
The top four are Pitt pen on Canson Recycled paper, the next three are Pitt pen and India ink washes on Canson Drawing paper, and the bottom one is Pitt pen, ink washes and Progresso woodless colourted pencil on Canson XL watercolour paper. All are 18 x 24"

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