Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Entry for Aug 1, 2015

On the following Saturday I had a teaching break and was able to spend a longer time on a study of Susan at Artists 25.
This is a roughly 4-hour study of essentially the same pose/setup from a different angle. Like the previous week it is a graphite under-sketch for placement and proportion, with India ink washes for base values and oil-based pencil for detail and tonal graduations. It is on an 18 x 24" sheet of Revere rag paper.
This one holds together fairly well and edges into fussed-over, but worked out all right, I feel at this point.
The Artists 25 space is a little dark and busy with stuff. That wasn't what I had in mind this time and it's hard to work against that.
One of the pluses of a repeat pose is that it is a chance to test out different variants on the picture being made. If something happens only once, I have a stronger impulse to use the means at my disposal in known ways to record it. If it happens more times, I can experiment more.

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