Monday, December 29, 2014

Entry for Nov 11, 2014

On the Tuesday night I got over to Artists 25, where I found it was Polyna working. These are three 2-minute studies at top, a 5-minute and a ten-minute below that, followed by three 20-minute studies and a 5-minute one right at the end of the evening.
It was an uneven night for drawing. There were some promising moments. I think the 10-minute study on the low stool is strong, but it doesn't have as solid a sense of weight on the stool as it could.
The top five images are Pitt calligraphy point pen on Canson Recycled Sketch paper. The first two 20-minute ones are a combo of Pitt pen and dilute india ink in a Pentel brushpen for a midtone. The first is on Strathmore drawing paper, and the one on the chair is Canson Mixed Media paper, with it's cooloer colour cast.
The second-last image is watersoluble pencil on Strathmore watercolour paper, and the bottom one is back to Pitt pen on Canson Recycled Sketch paper. All the sheets are 18 x 24"

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