Monday, September 8, 2014

2nd entry for Aug 27, 2014

I felt like a bit of a traitor to my early art teachers, not embracing the Keith Jarrett concert that was blasting, but some impromptu earplugs helped bring the volume to a better level for my taste. To be fair too, part of the night was some Jimmy Smith organ jazz, which was more conducive for me to draw to.

These are two 10-minute studies above and a 15-minute one below, all done with water-soluble pencil and Artgraf graphite washes. They are all 17 x 17"; the top two are on Canson Mixed Media paper, and the bottom one is on Canson Montval watercolour paper.
 I've been playing lately with the mix of those two elements. As well, I got a few different water-soluble pencils, ranging from 2B to roughly an 8B, and seeing how the relative softnesses of the pencils and how much pigment they release when wet affects the image.
These are mostly a 2B pencil, helped out by some Artgraf washes for darker values.

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