Friday, August 1, 2014

2nd entry for July 21, 2014

These are two 15-minute studies above, and a 45-minute study below. All are water-soluble graphite on 18 x 24" sheets of Canson Montval watercolour paper.
The bottom one has some further post-session additional graphite added.
As time has passed, I have come to treat this blog as a drawing diary and a documentation of my process drawing people. That process slides, morphs and evolves slowly, which you can see if you review previous years' posts.  Of the figure studies I do, I always cull out the bottom 25 to 30% prior to posting any- unless it is an unusual situation where I am using the studies as documentation.
There is a big middle-patch of works that I feel are worth enjoying briefly, and a medium like this is good for this kind of ephemeral sharing. I feel it underscores how many not-quite studies have to happen for the good spontaneous ones to emerge. Also how the strong work is fuelled by steady practice. And that, like anyone else, I do my fair share of not-so-strong work. Some studies jump out to me as the `keepers', and you see them here in their context of production.
I have started a new Tumblr blog to document those stronger pieces. It's titled `From The Stream', and on it I am posting the top 10% - 15% of studies - the ones I feel are particularly strong or unusual. I'm also going back over the past couple of years to pull out my picks of past work.
There is a link on the sidebar, and you can also access it here.

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