Thursday, June 27, 2013

1st entry for June 14, 2013

On the Friday Justin was working at the TSA.  I got there on time for a change, and was ready for the gesture poses that started the session.
The two days before I had been watching and exploring movement for myself. I went to the two screenings of the Contact Dance Film Festival, and tried some basic contact dance workshops. The workshops dealt a lot with being fully embodied, and was really interesting to experience. Contact is an improvisatory medium, and there was discussion of spontaneity and raking risks.
I think all of that led to freer gesture sketches. For me, Justin's poses seemed somewhat dancer-y, so that tied into the previous days, too. These are 1-minute studies on 18 x 24" sheets of bond paper, done with a Sakura Graphic marker pen.

There are a couple of summer opportunities coming up next week (July 2 & 4) to take short intro life-drawing courses that I'll be teaching. Great for getting started, or reconnecting with the basics if you're experienced and feel some rust has crept in over the years.
At the TSA there will be an 8-week Tuesday night class and an 8-week Thursday morning course. Both run July through August.  Both classes are 3 hours each week, and enough people are signed up that they're definitely running for the full 8 weeks. Registration is still open, and you can see more details and register online here.

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