Monday, November 12, 2012

Entry for Nov 2

On the Friday Phlip was in working. It was nice to see him at the TSA  open session. I was continuing to push the blind-ish contour studies on one 18 x 24" bond paper page for the first bit of the evening.
Below that are a couple of 10-minute studies. done with hard nobel compressed charcoal on 18 x 24" sheets of Canson Recycled Sketch paper.
At home I was experimenting with altering some charcoal drawings; I have quite a stack of okay studies to use as test material now. Rubbing a charcoal drawing on the Canson thoroughly with a soft  paper towel generates a gray ghost image, which has me curious about overlayering imagery. The fourth image has a 10-minute back study that was reworked that way, and a 15-minute head study atop it.
The second-last image is on 22 x 30" 90 lb Maidstone paper. It has an underdrawing of nobel and willow charcoal that was then rubbed to a more pale gray, and overlaid with a 20-minute standing study in soft compressed charcoal for contrast.
There was about10 minutes left at the end that I used for a head study, back with the hard Nobel and Canson combo.

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