Monday, February 27, 2012

1st entry for Feb 24, 2012


On the Friday night I made it out for a portion of the TSA session, where C-   was working. I've drawn him a few times recently, enough so that his poses were becoming familiar territory.
Z-  has been on my case for a while for being a little too predictable and holding back within my drawing, feeling a lot of the images that I am making are a bit too safe/conventional in their full-figure composition and handling.
I can partially concur; by and large I have put composition to the side in favour of refining mark-making texture and sensitivity of bodily description. I had made a personal decision that once I had hit my 5K drawing mark, I'd put the pictorial aspect more in the forefront. The informal mantra is to be "no boring drawings" for the next while.
In open life sessions, I don't have control of the poses people assume, so that is a factor to respond to. I do have control over the mark-making, the composition, the energy put into the work, and the value range. Also, the negative spaces can be handled however I wish, but time constraints enter into some of these short studies, when it comes to incorporating a background. I can edit, too; not every study is as lively, so I can share the ones I like most, rather than the majority of them from a given session.

The top study here is a 10-minute one, done on 18 x 24" sheets of Canson Sketch with hard compressed U-Art charcoal. I was opting for a more close-up cropping of C-   .The lower one is done with a combo of hard U-Art and Nobel compressed charcoals, on a 20 x 26" sheet of 90 lb Maidstone paper. I was going for a bolder, direct handling.

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