Sunday, December 27, 2009

Entry for December 3, 2009

I was able to attend the majorityof the session on the following week, and worked on one extended study using conte crayon on Japanese paper.
Z- was looking lovely. She had a dark eye make-up with a slight sheen, like burnished metal. It looked like a 1930's glamour style, which her dress set off very well.
In hindsight, i've pushed the overall shading too far, and the place where shadows fall on the eye socket on the right has the unfortunate effect of looking a bit like a black eye. Had I left the values of her skin tones a little lighter, it would have been clearer what was makeup. The Japanese paper is a bit of a one-way proposition - it doesn't take well to erasing, so it's best to leave things as is.
I like a nnumber of things about this study, but the final score would have to be something on the order of Life 4, Art 1, in my estimation.
All the more challenge for the next time...

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